Excerpt: The Sexy Chef – Domination …eBook coming soon!


The next installment of The Sexy Series is due to arrive very soon (August 8th or before). Following is a tantalizing peek at what’s to come… and remember, if you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!


The Sexy Chef 2

I speed into the parking space and smash my foot on the brake pedal. The clock on my stereo reads 1:17 p.m.

“Shit.” I’m late. All I need is Randy riding my ass today. He can be a major jerk.

I snatch my purse off the passenger-side seat and swing my door open. There’s a loud bang.

I pound my steering wheel.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I jump out of the car and examine the deep dent I put in someone’s bright-red BMW. The paint’s even chipped.

“Damn it!” I stand and look around the parking lot and at the door of the Calypso Café. There’s no one in sight.

I take a deep breath then dig frantically through my purse and take out a pen and an old business card from Jack of All Tires. I draw an arrow, pointing toward the dent, and scribble, “Sorry about the door. Find me at the register. Will pay. Gina.” I tuck the card under the wiper blade on the driver’s side and run across the lot and into the café.

The bells on the door jingle. Randy Cousivan, our manager, is working the register. He gives me the evil eye. “You’re late.”

I grunt and swoop right past him on my way to the locker room. I swear he lives to harass me. The locker room is small and always smells of strong perfume and some guy’s sweaty socks. I open the lock with my key and swing the door open. My deodorant and lipstick fall out and hit the wooden bench and then the floor.

“Fuck,” I mutter while picking them up. I have so many books shoved in the locker that I hardly have room for anything else. I’m back in school, culinary school, and enrolled in an intensive program that’s supposed to make me a professional in just eight months.

I snatch my apron off the hook. I put it on along with my name tag, roll on some red lipstick and deodorant, then check my face in the mirror. Jeez, I look haggard. Sleep has been a rare commodity as of late, and that fact is beginning to show.

“On with the show.” I center my name tag.

There are two consecutive knocks on the door, a pause, and then two more. That signals that the person is male.

“I’m decent,” I say.

The door opens, and in walks Randy. “I didn’t think you were going to be late every day when we discussed your plans for school.”

I slam my locker shut. “Neither did I.”

He sweeps past me and opens his locker. “Why should I continue supporting you when you’re constantly late?”

I jerk back. “Are you seriously asking me that?”

He cocks his head to the side.

“Well, you didn’t seem to have much of a problem with my tardiness after my muffins and tarts sold record numbers.” A few months back, one of the bakers left in the middle of his shift. I stayed late to finish it, only instead of following his recipes, I used my own. For the next three weeks, customers didn’t stop requesting them until finally Randy put his pride aside and asked for my recipe. Now, my pastries have been added to the menu permanently.

“Beginner’s luck,” he snaps.

I grunt, offended. “Are you fucking with me, or are you really that big of a jerk?”

Randy blows a hard breath and slams his locker shut. “Fuck it, Gina. Could you just stop being late from now on?”

I open my mouth, on the verge of unloading an arsenal of profanity.

“Because,” he continues, “I’ve shown you a lot of leniency, and the person who’s replacing me may not be as tolerant as I am.”

I flinch. “Replacing you?”

“Today’s my last day.”

I close my eyes for a second, in disbelief of what I just heard. “Today’s your last day?”

“Yep.” He passes me on his way to the door.

“Did you quit?”

He looks squarely at me. “I’m going to be on a game show.”

“A game show?” I can’t help but laugh. “Like Family Feud or something?”

“No, it’s more like a cooking competition.”

Lots of things go through my mind—and first, surprisingly, I realize I’m going to miss him. He might be a dick, but he’s one that I’ve slept with one, two—I bite my lip—six or seven times. I’ve stopped counting because each time we do it, it’s a mistake. Well, a mistake in that I wish I hadn’t spread my legs and let him in. At the same time, I find him so appealing, and I’ve tried every way possible not to think of him as sexy and attractive but have failed miserably. Second, I’m the only person working here who knows Randy’s deep, dark secret.

Update: Cover Changes

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Check out the new covers for:

The Sexy Artist – Fixation

The Sexy Artist

Liza Patrick (Nolan’s sister from The Sexy Boss – Sedition) has every opportunity to find a new love in Italy. But, will she pick something that resembles her fetid past, or, will she take a gamble with one of Italy’s finest?  Godi! (translation: Enjoy – Italian).


The Sexy Professor – Redemption


Every wide-eyed female on campus wanted a pice of Derek Valentine… a.k.a Professor Valentine. His enigmatic charm and sexy ace are inescapable. But I’m a realist-not in a million years would a man like that go for me. Until one day heartache would put is together. But is it enough for us to find our bliss?

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Update: The Sexy Chef – Domination is almost complete!

We are pleased to announce the next installment in the Sexy Series. The Sexy Chef – Domination is a saucy, sexy, fun and heart felt romance. Our main character Gina Gilbert (Naomi’s friend from The Sexy Professor – Redemption) has found more, a lot more than just work at the Calypso Cafe. On a quest to fulfill her new found dream of becoming a top notch chef, she finds a most unexpected bump in the road.

More to come…

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UPDATE: New Cover

That’s right – The Sexy Boss – Sedition has gotten a face lift… and it so captures this romance. Available now FREE (For a Limited time). So pick up the essence of this romance (link below) while you still can!

The Sexy Boss 200x300

Abby’s new boss is so sexy. He’s the kind you’d want to cross that un-crossable line with. But, does he feel the same way? A series of twists, turns, and even snowdrifts, pit these two in an unequal opportunity employment for love.



The Sexy Artist – Fixation


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This super sexy romance takes Liza Patrick, Nolan’s sister from the Sexy Boss – Sedition, up, down and all around parts of Europe. Will she pick something that resembles her fetid past, or, will life present her with more than she could’ve ever dreamed? Godere! (translation: Enjoy – Italian).

“…there is also something very empowering seeing Liza grow into a strong woman who won’t be beaten down by her bad luck and experiences with the shoddy men in her life so far. Willing to take a chance and open her heart again is inspiring.”

Review posted on Amazon 5/11/16